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General Tax Information 

What to bring for existing clients:

  • W2’s are a must after February 15th we can transmit your taxes without a W2.
  • Your current job 
  •  If your company changed names or was sold, you will receive two W2 Forms so please make sure your income is accounted for the entire year.
  • 1099 Forms
  • 1098 Forms
  • EDD Income (Form 1099G Unemployment benefits received & Paid Family Leave)
  • Mortgage Interest Paid (all 1098 Forms)  Property Taxes Paid $_______
  • Social Security Numbers for new born children born by December 31st
  •  Day Care Tax ID# & amount paid
  • DMV (Car Registration) for all Cars, boats, trucks, jet skis, etc…
  • Student Loan Interest Paid
  • Tuition Statement Form 1098-T o Please also bring a total of fees paid out of pocket for school expenses (ex: books, supplies, scientific calculator, etc…)
  • Final Closing/Settlement Statement for New Purchase or Refinance of a Home. If you are not sure what this is or where to find it, call your escrow company and they should be able to fax or email it to you. You can also bring the entire packet with you and we will help you find it.
  • If you purchased a New Car please bring the final sales receipt to your appointment (a long yellow or pink carbon paper) 
  • Checking Account Number and Routing Number for direct deposit of your refund.
  • Proof your dependent lived with you throughout the years if you’re claiming  the EIC credit (A letter with the name of the dependent and address that you lived throughout the year Example School letter or Doctors letter.

New Clients Only:

  •  All of the Items above
  • The last years of tax return 
  • If you can’t find last year’s tax return, we at least need the refund amount you received or paid from the State only from the previous tax year. It needs to be included to your federal income.
  • All Social Security numbers and birthdates for spouse or dependents.

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